Sorties d’albums de Décembre 2023

01 Décembre 2023

Cobra Spell: 666

Codeseven: Go let it in

Daemon Grey: Daemonic

Five Finger Death Punch: The Wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell, volume 1 et 2

Orphaned land: A heaven you may create

Paradise Lost: Icon 30

Shaârghot: vol III Let me out

UFO : California at the Edge 1995 (réedition) et Landing in St Louis live 1982 (Réedition)

Visions of Atlantis : A pirate’s Symphony

08 Décembre 2023

Atreyu: The beautiful dark of life

Blue Öyster cult: 50th anniversary live-First night

Cassidy Paris: New sensation

Dimmu Borgir: Inspiratio Profanus

Dirty Fonzy: Full speed ahead

Everdawn : Venera

Grave Digger : The forgotten years

Porcupine tree: Closure/ Continuation.Live

Trick or Treat: A creepy night live

15 Décembre 2023

Children of Bodom: A chapter called children of bodom (the final show in Helsinki ice hall)

Evergrey: From dark discoveries to heartless portraits

Pallas : The messenger

Therion: Leviathan III

22 Décembre 2023

Avskräde: Undergang

Frostbite Orckings: The orcish eclipse

Funeral Vomit: Monumental Putrescence

Serpents Oath: Revelation

29 Décembre 2023

Lord of the lost: Dominum

Lord of the lost: Weapons of Mass Seduction (reprises)

Suicide circle: Bukkake of souls

White death: Iconoclast