Rencontre avec Deviltears, le groupe russe à découvrir avec leur nouvel album The Key

Grâce au Label M & O Music, nous vous proposons aujourd’hui l’interview du groupe russe Deviltears dont vous pouvez lire le test de leur dernier album The Key ici même.

  1.  How is born Deviltears? The Deviltears group is created in 2005, and we then didn’t know yet that it can on get so far, for us it was important to play favourite music simply. At once we understood that we can much more than simply sit in the cellar and play the songs for ourselves and the friends, and in 2006 we made the decision to write down EP, and then when we felt taste of blood, we understood that we can much more)
  2. You make  progressive rock, how is it perceived in your country? In our country we have fans, and people who watch our creativity, it is very important for them. We know one case when our song Heaven Flight saved to one person life, and saved it from suicide, for us this event was the real holiday, and we with guys properly drank on this occasion)). At us in Russia know our creativity and not badly buy our plates, we hope as in Europe we will have new fans;)
  3. Russia has many group Hard Rock / Metal? In Russia there are a lot of groups which play heavy music, but generally they do it in Russiandeviltears itv
  4.  What kind of music is most popular in your country ? In Russia listen to different music, but pop music is more popular, heavy music isn’t so popular with us as it would be desirable, but at us is it too much.
  5. What’s the story of The Key? The album is called as The Keys not just like that. All songs in an album it that happened to us at different stages of our life. And keys simply open doors in our memory and experiences, and it is told about it in an album and covers. The song Flashback about it, it also became that main key on which we called our album.
  6. This is your second album, how are welcome your cd in all the world ? Is it better at home or in another country ? It is our second album, and the first which saw the light in Europe. To this album we were listened only in our country, very much we hope that our music very much will be pleasant to people around the world. We very much would like that we would have many fans worldwide!!!
  7. Will you make an international tour ? Maybe some shows in France? We very much would like to arrange the international tour, and we think of it much, I hope in following year it happens, and to act in France for us there would be huge honor, after all this very beautiful country with an interesting story and beautiful people. Well and of course the label which gave us chance to show the music in Europe, too is in France;)

Thanks a lot for answering our questions and for your very good album.

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